• 360 degree insight

    into the attitudes, beliefs and usage patterns of key stakeholders within the school community

  • Authentic Research

    Partnered with leading universities and academics

  • Better understand the community you serve

    Understand your school in the global context

  • Understand & Uncover

    Attitudes, Beliefs & Values Toward Technology

  • Data Driven Decisions

    Opportunity to get data for just your school and benchmark your results

  • Enable Community Converstations

    By Engaging All Stakeholders

  • Partnered With Leading Research Universities

    Contextualize findings into academic research

A Unique Opportunity

The Digital Life & Learning Survey is designed to provide K-12 schools with a 360 degree insight into the attitudes, beliefs and values of key stakeholders in the school community (parents, students faculty staff and administrative staff).

Analysis of the survey data reveals interesting insights into how these groups understand and use technology, both at home and in school, and what their beliefs are about the impact of technology on health, socialisation, learning and teaching, as well as many other areas.

The data collected is anonymous and will be aggregated to gain insight into the views of international school students, staff and parents. The aggregated survey results will be shared with all partner schools free of charge.

Why Now?

International schools are seeing rapid growth in the adoption of social networks and educational technologies across the entire spectrum of home and school life. Students, parents and staff in the international schools sector are, in general, highly mobile and are extremely well connected with multiple devices and fast home, school and mobile internet access.

And yet, when schools seek to understand the views, behaviours, beliefs and attitudes about technology in education, the only statistical and research data available is from general populations, or state school populations, in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom or Europe.

This survey will examine and report on the use of technology by all stakeholders in the unique international schools arena. Survey results allow comparisons both within and between the three key stakeholder groups plus analysis of similarities and differences between school populations both within and across national boundaries.

Areas Covered

  • 21st Century Skills

  • Role of Technology in Learning

  • School Technology Effectiveness

  • Social Networking & Connected Learning

  • Technology Usage Patterns

  • Technology Attitudes

  • Management of Technology

  • Concerns About Technology

Become A Partner School

Partner schools commit to delivering the survey to students, parents and staff at their school. Schools will be provided with template cover letters and suggested protocols to make administration as easy as possible.

Participating schools will receive access to their data via a personalized dashboard.

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Faculty & Staff





Want A Personalized Report For Your School?

If you are interested in a bespoke report for your school based on your own data then please contact us prior to participating in the survey.

  • Benchmark key indicators

    Against the aggregated data from the peer schools

  • Interactive Visualisations

    Using leading business intelligence software

  • Track over time

    Repeating the survey in subsequent years will allow the school to track and measure progress with technology as well as changing values and beliefs within the school population.

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